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Two Baptist churches in Texas face removal from South Baptist Convention due to gay acceptance issue.

Pastor George Mason of the Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas

Two Baptist churches in Texas could be expelled from their governing body, the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), over their welcoming position towards gay people, according to the Baptist Standard and other reports.

Wilshire Baptist in Dallas and First Baptist in Austin reportedly received letters from BGCT officials which stated that because the churches had affirmed LGBTQ people, they were “no longer being in harmonious cooperation with the BGCT.”

The BGCT is part of the Southern Baptist Convention, which according to holds that homosexual behaviour is a sin.

The letter from the BGCT to the Wilshire Baptist reportedly read: “Should your church choose to publicly affirm same-sex sexual behaviour, the BGCT will no longer be able to accept funds from the church, seat its messengers to the annual meeting, allow the church to express affiliation with the BGCT or allow its members to serve on the BGCT boards, committees or other roles.”

Pastor George Mason at Wilshire told the Baptist Standard: “The outcome is not yet known, and it will not be known until after the convention messengers are seated.”

First Austin, which received a similar letter, responded to the BGCT by saying: “We do not desire to argue over sexuality any further. As a church, we did our diligent theological work, being guided by the Spirit, meditating on scared scripture and hearing the stories and struggles of our own members. As a result of that thoughtful process, we are proudly and openly welcoming and affirming of all God’s beloved children.”

According to, in 2010 the BGCT openly scolded the Dallas’ Royal Lane Baptist Church and stopped its funds for appointing openly gay deacons.

A resolution at the 1982 BGCT annual meeting stated: “The homosexual lifestyle is not normal or acceptable in God’s sight and is indeed called sin.”

And in 1996, the BGCT Executive Board approved a report from its Messenger Seating Study Committee which said: “The Bible teaches that the ideal for sexual behaviour is the marital union between husband and wife and that all other sexual relations—whether premarital, extramarital or homosexual—are contrary to God’s purposes and thus sinful. Homosexual practice is therefore in conflict with the Bible.”

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