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Man Finishes Tweeting Entire Bible After Three Years of Dedicated Work

twitterA U.K. man has recently completed his three-year mission of tweeting the entire bible, chapter by chapter. Since its beginning, the man has seen his small project blossom into an international viral phenomenon on social media.

Chris Juby, the 30-year-old worship director at Kings Church in Durham, U.K., decided in 2010 that he would summarize each chapter of the bible in a tweet. Since taking on this daunting task, Juby hasn’t missed a single day of tweeting the 1,189 chapter summaries, and successfully completed his deadline of three and a half years with a final summary of Revelations 22 posted on Nov. 8: “Rev22: The river of life flows from the throne of God. ‘Behold, I am coming soon. I am the beginning and the end.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”

Juby, who has reportedly read the bible three times in its entirety in his life, wrote on the website for his Twitter mission, Bible Summary, that he does not plan to tweet any more using the Bible Summary handle now that he has completed his task. Since he first started his Bible Summary project on Twitter three and a half years ago, the Twitter account has gained the attention of nearly 30,000 followers.

“I’m pretty sure that there will be no more tweets at @biblesummary. That’s a painful decision. It’s social media insanity to abandon a Twitter account with 29,000 followers. But the intention was always to end up with an account with exactly 1,189 tweets and at the moment I can’t see any reason strong enough to go back on that,” Juby wrote on the Bible Summary website. The worship leader went on to write that he is unsure of what he will do now that his project is completed, but said he has received suggestions that he begin summarizing a new massive collection of literature, such as The Apocrypha orThe Lord of the Rings, both of which seem unlikely.

Juby told Metro in a recent interview that the completion of his project is a “strange feeling,” and that over the course of three and a half years he has been most surprised by non-Christians who contact him about his Bible summaries. “I thought it would be mainly people who went to church, but everyone who came into contact with the project was interested in finding out what was actually in the scripture,” Juby said.

“People know the influence the Bible has had on Christians and general culture but a lot of people don’t feel confident enough to read the Bible themselves and actually know what’s in there. A lot of people were curious about following along so they could get a sense of what’s actually in there,” Juby added.

Juby wrote on the Bible Summary website that he has “lots of interesting possibilities and partnerships coming up,” and he would keep his readers and followers informed.


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1 Comment for “Man Finishes Tweeting Entire Bible After Three Years of Dedicated Work”

  1. Vik

    The bible is the number one BEST SELLER in the world and history, every year and every day!!!

    The NY Times says that it does NOT include the Bible in the list, because it is ALWAYS the BEST seller, so they say ‘no need to repeat it’. How unbiased of them!!!

    Good job Juby, but now that it’s over, not so good job. He should continue posting what the Bible says about CURRENT issues, not abandon the whole thing.
    My two cents. Vik

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