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Many Christians Around the World, Including in the West, are being persecuted during Christmas Holidays

The White House has refused to make the declaration that ISIS has committed genocide on Christians, even though ISIS’ spiritual credibility is contingent upon its dedication to cleansing the “caliphate” of Christians. Genocide consists of: “The perpetrator’s mental state and the acts. According to the legal definition of genocide, the perpetrator(s) must have “special intent” (dolus specialis) […]

The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Difficult To Be A Christian

Open Doors says 2014 saw the worst persecution of Christians in the ‘modern era’—but not because of violence. New research reveals one more reason to remember 2014: for the greatest number of religious freedom violations against Christians worldwide in recent memory—even in Christian-majority countries. Of the worst 50 nations, 4 out of 5 share the […]

Bible Translator Killed Protecting His Family in the C.A.R.

A Wycliffe Bible translator was shot and killed last week during a deadly outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic, Christian News reports. Elisee Zama was working with ACATBA (Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation), which is Wycliffe’s ministry partner in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). According to ACATBA, Zama […]

Christian has been gunned down in Libya

Hours after assailants gunned down American teacher Ronnie Smith during his morning jog near the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Thursday, grieving friends on opposite sides of the globe remembered Smith, 33, as a devoted teacher, family man, and Christian. No one immediately claimed responsibility for Smith’s murder, but Islamist militants had called for […]

Bible is More Accessible Now Than Anytime in World History

The president of the largest Bible translation organization in the world says that more people than ever before can access the Bible in their own language, that translation programs for every native language in the world will be underway in twelve years, and that work to translate the Bible into every tongue brings us closer […]

Who Are Jews Who Accept Yeshua, They Are Completely Jewish

The One true God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. “I am the Lord, and there is no other, apart from me there is no God.” (Isaiah 45:5) In other words, the “Jewish God” is the only God that exists. All the other “gods” among the various religions do not actually rule the […]

BBC and Other Massmedia Minimizes Christian Persecution

While it is no secret that the so-called mainstream media habitually fails to report on the international phenomenon of Christian persecution, few are aware that they sometimes actively work to undermine the efforts of those who do expose it. Consider a new report by the BBC titled Are there really 100,000 new Christian martyrs every […]

Saeed Abedini moved to more dangerous prison

There’s been a very troubling development in the case of American Pastor Saeed Abedini, a US citizen imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith. According to a release from Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Abedini’s family members in Iran say he has been moved from Evin Prison in […]

Trucker Buying Bible Billboards Across Wisconsin to ‘Help Save People From the Sins of the World’

GREEN BAY – A 72-year-old trucker from Wisconsin is on a mission to share the truth and hope of the Gospel by purchasing billboards throughout his state. Harold Scott of Green Bay has spent over $600,000 purchasing billboard space over the past two years, all of which he has paid for almost entirely with his own […]

Evangelist Found ‘Guilty’ of Trespassing for Preaching at Public Train Station to Appeal Ruling

WEST WINDSOR, NJ. – An evangelist in New Jersey plans to appeal after a municipal judge found him guilty of defiant trespassing this week for preaching the Gospel at a public train station. As previously reported, Robert Parker has been preaching at the Princeton Junction train station in West Windsor for the past five years, which […]

Missouri Police Descend Upon, Arrest Evangelists Preaching Gospel in Public Square

  SPRINGFIELD – Three Christians with a church in Springfield, Missouri were arrested on Friday night while preaching the Gospel in the public square. The situation is part of an ongoing battle between members of Lighthouse Anabaptist Church and the Springfield Police Department. “This is coming to a head,” Pastor Aaron Brummitt told Christian News Network […]

2013 on track for growth in India.

India (MNN) ― 2013 has started with a bang in India. The World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI), a ministry partner of Audio Scripture Ministries, is making good headway on the construction of the new Ministry Center in Bangalore. The old facilities were outdated and prone to annual flooding, so WCOI knew it was time for […]

How did God answer ?

 It has been quite a process working toward the development of Charlie and Ruth Patton’s missionary aviation ministry. Most recently, Charlie and Ruth asked for prayer that God would enable Charlie to get flying time that would fulfill the currency requirements and demonstrate readiness for the practical flight exam. God led Charlie to a place […]

Two North Koreans Killed for Christian Faith

  Two North Korean Christians have died because of their faith, a global persecution watchdog group revealed today. Opens Doors USA confirmed the deaths of the two Christians, revealing that one was shot while he was leaving for Bible training in China, and that another one died in a labor camp in North Korea. “He was […]

Iran begins trial for U.S. pastor held since September

On Monday, American Saeed Abedini appeared in an Iranian court. The Christian pastor gave the judge a written statement and was questioned by prosecutors and his defense lawyer, whom he only met Monday. But apparently that is not the end of the legal proceedings, according to his wife and lawyers who are assisting her with […]

While Number of Christians May Be Declining in Britain It Is Increasing in India

New figures from the 2011 Census show that the number of people who identify as Christians in England and Wales has fallen by 4 million over the last 10 years. The data shows that numbers fell from 37.3 million in 2001 to 33 million last year. The statistics came as the outgoing archbishop of Canterbury, […]

Sudan Bombings Kill More Nuba Christians Around Christmas

J UBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Non-Arab Christians in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains said they feel forgotten after Sudanese air forces killed at least 11 of the faithful in bombings before and after Christmas, according to area sources. Following bombings of non-Arab civilians in Christian villages in Sudan’s South Kordofan state from Dec. 18 […]

In Uzbekistan Holiday singing and Bible reading officially prohibited

TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN – This month in Uzbekistan, a dozen Bostanlyk policemen raided a gathering of 80 Protestants on holiday together at the Phoenix resort near the capital. Claiming to check their internal passports, the police — most of whom were in plain clothes — confiscated three Bibles and 100 Christian songbooks while insulting the gathering […]

What people talk about before they die

As a divinity school student, I had just started working as a student chaplain at a cancer hospital when my professor asked me about my work.  I was 26 years old and still learning what a chaplain did. “I talk to the patients,” I told him. “You talk to patients?  And tell me, what do people […]

Returning to church, despite my doubts

During my junior year in college, I took a butter knife from my mother’s kitchen  and scraped the Christian fish decal off the back bumper of the Plymouth hatchback I’d inherited from my older brother. Stripping off that sticker foreshadowed the day, a few years later, that I would walk out of church. The reasons […]

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