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The Bible’s Teaching on Marriage and Family

Andreas J. Kostenberger is the Director of Ph.D. Studies and Professor of New Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also editor of theJournal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) and founding president of Biblical Foundations, an organization with the aim of “restoring the biblical foundations of the home, the church, and society.” Dr. […]

Conflict Resolution Skills for Kids

Helping kids navigate disagreements peacefully. by Shannon Medisky Tanara congratulated her son on reciting poems with his classmates, and then asked how his best friend did. He answered, “We’re not friends anymore.” Questioning him further, she learned their fallout happened because his “friend” had thrown a lunch pail at him. Tanara told him, “You can’t […]

Seeing the Best in Him

It was my first time attending this Bible study. The group was a sprinkling of generations. Expectant moms, soccer moms and women with graying hair all greeted one another and settled in for their morning together. Then, one by one, the women of different ages and seasons stood to celebrate their husbands, acknowledging how hard […]

Penn. Family Group Warns Homeschooling Families May Be Subject to Investigation Under Proposed Bill

  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A pro-family organization in Pennsylvania is expressing concern over a proposed bill that would require an investigation into homeschooling families in certain situations. SB32 was recently presented in the Pennsylvania legislature by Senator Andrew Dinniman, and is meant to amend the Public School Code of 1949. “The school district in which the child resides […]

God hate Divorce

“I hate divorce,” says the LORD God of Israel, “and I hate a man’s covering himself with violence as well as with his garment” Malachi 2:16, says the LORD Almighty. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith. Unfortunately there are many who still claim adherence to biblical standards of morality, yet they […]

Why I Raise My Children with God

CNN’s iReport recently carried a blog post entitled “Why I Raise My Children Without God” (which CNN says is the 2nd highest viewed post ever on their iReport site) by an atheist Texas blogger named TXBlue08. Her blog site, “Kids Without Religion”, is all about “raising kids as independent, logical thinkers”. In her post, she put […]

A Biblical Perspective on Marriage

Most Christians see marriage as a gift from God and a sacred institution.  Yet, in our experience as marriage counselors, we have found that even mature believers often don’t have a clear biblical basis for their beliefs.  Having a sound Christian perspective on marriage is vitally important today as many in our society are trying to […]

Same-sex weddings to begin at Washington DC National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral — the seat of the Episcopal Church, one of the world’s largest cathedrals and the host of the official prayer service for the presidential inauguration later this month — has decided to start hosting same-sex-weddings. In some ways, the announcement that is expected Wednesday morning is unsurprising for a denomination and a diocese that […]

Life Is Precious

Whether the physical body has just started developing in a mother’s womb or is over 100 years old and dying, human life has great dignity and value.  by Greg Brezina I recently visited an elderly friend who spends most of his time in bed. When I entered his room, the smell of urine was very […]

Key to a Blessed Marriage

The key to a experiencing a blessed marriage has a lot to do with a grape and a vine. Relationships can be very complex; however, what makes them thrive can be found in one simple truth. by Greg Brezina At a recent wedding reception, I complimented the newlyweds on their ceremony and encouraged them to […]

Young people ‘unable to cope with life’

One in 10 young people feel unable to cope with day-to-day life, The Prince’s Trust has warned. Its fifth annual youth index finds that NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training) are more likely to feel unable to cope. The report is based on interviews with more than 2,000 young people between the […]

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