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Homosexuality And Abortion Rights Caused California Drought

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles knows what is to blame for the record California drought: gay people and legal abortion. While discussing the drought on his “Trunews” radio show yesterday, Wiles said that measures to conserve water are not going to help the state since it is currently experiencing divine punishment. “Rain will follow repentance,” […]

Should we be shocked at the explosion of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in today’s world?

 God tells those that reject Him that such diseases are fitting penalties for the wrong use of sex. Mankind has tried to “advance beyond consequences” in this area by advocating “safe-sex” through the use of contraceptives. However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently admitted that condoms do not prevent the transmission of […]

Prayers for Ukraine and Russia amid tensions

Sergey Rakhuba, President, Russian Ministries, has issued an urgent call for urgent prayer and support for the crisis in Ukraine. In a message, Rakhuba said, “With new reports raising concerns that Russia and Ukraine may be on the brink of war, my heart bleeds for people on both sides of this conflict. I love the […]

Atheist striking with billboards against Christians

Sacramento television Channel 3 (KCRA) has published a very touching article  for local christians. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Fifty-five atheist billboards will dot the Sacramento region on Monday, featuring area residents accompanied by short quotes on why they are non-believers. One message says, “Morality doesn’t require religion.” Another states, “Studying the Bible made me an atheist.” […]

Creationists taunt atheists in latest billboard war

 A new video billboard in New York’s Times Square has a message from creationists, “To all of our atheist friends: Thank God you’re wrong.” The video advertisement at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan is one of several billboards going up this week in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, paid for by […]

New church opens amidst city nightlife

   A new church, launched right in the middle of New Haven nightlife, wants to see New Haven change. Journey Church, founded by pastor Felix Quinones, 31, had its first service last Sunday at a rented ballroom on Crown Street. The young pastor, who grew up in New Haven, has been reaching out to the […]

3,300 Accept NJ Megachurch Challenge to Read Bible for 40 Days

More than 3,300 people have accepted a challenge from the leaders of a New Jersey church to read the New Testament from beginning to end over the course of just 40 days Tim Lucas, lead pastor of the multi-campus Liquid Church in New Jersey, says church leaders were surprised by how many people were interested […]

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